Airbus A380 Deliveries Decrease by One for 2009

 - September 30, 2009, 10:21 AM

Airbus confirmed to AIN today that it will build just 13 A380s this year, rather than the previously planned 14. Although past reductions in production targets have centered on technical bottlenecks such as wiring installation problems, this most recent revision appears to have come at the behest of Singapore Airlines, which said this month it wanted to delay delivery of a total of eight A380s, one of which would have come in December this year.
“In agreement with our customer we moved the 14th aircraft by a few weeks from December into early next year,” confirmed an Airbus spokesman. “For next year we maintain our planning to deliver–as announced–more than 20 aircraft to our customers. All A380 customer fleets are growing in 2010.”
Airbus recently delivered the first A380–S/N26–as part of so-called Wave 2, under which Airbus adopted a new production method that incorporates redesigned electrical harnesses.