Air Routing unveils online flight-planning products

 - October 1, 2009, 6:31 AM

Poised to chip away at flight-planning monolith Universal, Air Routing unveils a new suite of online flight-planning products and services this month. Existing clients can use the new system October 1; new clients can sign up at the NBAA Convention later this month.

Air Routing thus far has filled the role of a bespoke purveyor of planning products for primarily (80 percent) blue-chip international corporate operators and to a lesser extent for international charter operators. The company’s new thrust is setting its sights not only on expanding its products for international operators but also on capturing a larger share of the domestic flight-planning market. Operators, says Air Routing v-p of marketing and sales Tim Maystrik, stand to garner savings of between 25 and 40 percent by bundling all their needs with Air Routing, compared with what they pay now to diverse providers.

The company’s key online products (at and are:

• Online flight planning, a “single-source global solution powered by Flight Manager that provides users with analysis, GPS Raim predictions, fuel releases and airport information”

• Datalink–a flat-rate global option for fleets and individual aircraft to obtain weather, flight plans and concierge

• International trip quotes–providing operators with fast answers (accurate to within 5 or 10 percent) on the costs that would be incurred for prospective trips

• Fuel stop analyzer–a complimentary planning service that provides both tech-stop options and historical data for keeping a tighter rein on flight costs

• GPS Raim prediction–combines FAA preflight requirements with the flight plan to determine satellite options for terminal, en route and approach purposes

• Runway analysis–combines runway limitations and aircraft performance to produce takeoff and landing stats

• Apis solution–handles Apis paperwork

• Flight Manager–Air Routing’s bedrock product drives data and communication access for full-service and self-service flight planning.

Air Routing users have been beta-testing elements of the new system for as long as 12 months and as recently as the past three months. “We have worked hard to make sure the launch of the first product exceeds what’s out there, with an innovative and intuitive user interface,” said Maystrik. “It’s worth noting,” added CIO John Leagh-Page, “that our multimillion-dollar R&D budget has survived unscathed during the recession.”

Leagh-Page emphasized the depth of the data that begins to be tapped the moment the user inputs such basics as the departure and destination airports. “We’re automatically behind the scenes going out and grabbing your weather and your notams, great-circle route and fuel-burn estimate based on the aircraft you’re flying. So before you ever hit the select button for the flight-plan engine, you have a whole group of planning tools at work.”

“Our vision,” concluded chief technology officer Roberto Cormack, “was to provide flight departments an unprecedented and complete suite of user-friendly flight support tools into a single-source solution. The result is a group of products that combine Air Routing’s expert service approach and technology.”