PAC introduces Affinity Seat

 - October 28, 2009, 12:54 PM

PAC Seating Systems has introduced a new seat of modular design that the Palm City, Fla. company says “incorporates the best ideas” of completion center customers, upholsterers, and the PAC design and engineering teams.

An easy-pull manual control handle has a new ergonomic design that releases the track and swivel lock more smoothly and with minimal pressure.

To save “time and money in the upholstery process” there is an optional slip-on backshell “that will accommodate an infinite number of back shapes and angles.”Seat back sizes are easily changed and the back upholstery can be started even before the seat frame is delivered to the completion center. Also featured as standard are quick-disconnect armrests to permit easy removal and reinstallation of seat arms during re-upholstery.

For ease of maintenance, a mechanical lock system replaces the majority of cables used in earlier designs. Since cables flex and stretch over time, the need for readjustments is reduced and the locking mechanism is more reliable. According to the company, an independent laboratory has tested the Affinity Seat to 20,000 cycles.

The FAA has certified the 9-g version of the Affinity Seat, and the first is being installed in a Gulfstream G450. A 16-g version is now in the certification process. Gulfstream is offering the seat as a refurbishment option.