FAA awards Timco ODA

 - October 30, 2009, 8:41 AM

Timco Aerosystems has been awarded organization delegation authorization (ODA) from the FAA’s Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office. According to the company, it is the first major aircraft maintenance and modification provider to be issued a supplemental type certificate (STC) and parts manufacturing approval (PMA) ODA.

Timco has operated as an FAA-designated alteration station since 1995 and has developed nearly 300 FAA STCs, mostly related to aircraft interiors and systems integration. President Rick Salanitri said, “Receiving ODA status is an important milestone for us. It will improve the certification process and become an important service enhancement for our customers.”

According to the FAA, “ODA authority is conferred only on those organizations that have been found qualified and capable to perform as a representative of the Administrator for the purposes of performing design, production, repair, alteration and airworthiness certification procedures.” The FAA established the ODA program in 2005 to increase its oversight efficiency and allow it to focus its resources on identifying and addressing trends, developing best practices and dealing with critical issues.