Rosekind named for NTSB post

 - October 30, 2009, 8:14 AM

President Obama has nominated Mark Rosekind, an aviation fatigue specialist and former head of NASA’s fatigue research program, to fill a vacancy on the NTSB. He is currently president and chief scientist for Alertness Solutions, a company he founded.

Over the past 25 years, Rosekind has conducted research at leading academic institutions, directed the NASA fatigue countermeasures program in the human factors division at NASA Ames Research Center and served as chief of the aviation operations branch in the NASA Ames flight management and human factors division.

His research, publications, presentations and programs have involved diverse groups and settings, including all modes of transportation, healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, energy, military, elite athletes and special operations groups. He has worked extensively with the NTSB.

“Dr. Rosekind has been a partner in the business aviation community for many years,” said NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen. “We’ve always been honored to welcome him as a featured speaker at some of our industry’s most important safety-themed events, including our U.S. and European safety standdown events. We look forward to continuing our productive efforts to promote business aviation safety when his nomination to the Board is confirmed.”

In addition to his participation in NBAA safety-focused events, Rosekind has also been a source of association products and services that promote safety. He recently discussed pilot fatigue in an NBAA Flight Plan podcast.
“His exhaustive research and acclaimed studies have provided proven strategies that have helped many companies address challenges related to pilot fatigue,” Bolen said. “Given the aviation community’s renewed focus on fatigue in recent months, we believe Dr. Rosekind is the right addition to the Board at the right time.”
Once confirmed by the Senate, Rosekind will replace Kathryn (Kitty) O’Leary Higgins, who resigned this summer. 污