Elliptical Winglet STC Approval Broadens for Citation X

 - November 24, 2009, 7:52 AM

Since Winglet Technology received STC approval from the FAA for installation of its distinctive elliptical winglets last June, the company says five retrofit kits have been installed on Cessna Citation Xs at Cessna’s Wichita Citation Service Center. Recently the company has also gotten the OK from Transport Canada, ANAC (Brazil) and is currently pursuing EASA and Australian approval.

The STC retrofit kit includes flight and operations manual supplements
along with an updated version of CessNav for customers who have purchased that subscription service from Cessna.

According to a spokesman for Winglet Technology, the elliptical shape of the winglets provides superior aerodynamic performance across a broad range of Mach numbers. The patented shape ensures the lift distribution closely matches optimum lift distribution across the span of the wing, which significantly reduces induced drag.

The resulting drag reduction enhances the overall performance for the Citation X and provides increased speeds at higher altitude, improved hot-day/high-altitude takeoff performance, greater range, improved second-segment climb performance, reduced time to climb, reduced fuel consumption and reduced direct operating costs. According to the company, plans are under way to offer installation of
the elliptical winglets on the Citation X at all nine U.S. and European Cessna-owned Service Centers.