Hot section: Dassault Offers Falcon E-Maintenance Program

 - November 24, 2009, 8:00 AM

Five Falcon operators based in the U.S. and Europe recently helped Dassault Falcon test the company’s new maintenance program, Falcon e-Maintenance. The program allows the Falcon technical center or a Falcon service center to access an airplane’s central maintenance computer remotely for troubleshootingand diagnosing issues through a maintenance laptop provided by Dassault.

The laptop connects the aircraft maintenance team, the service center and Falcon technical center to one common communication platform that supports both audio and video. From there, the three can share documents, transfer files and organize video conference meetings.

If needed, the service center will be able to access the aircraft’s central maintenance computer remotely. The Falcon e-Maintenance program goes farther than data broadcast, which already allows customer service teams to provide proactive service. The system allows maintenance teams to better anticipate AOG situations and unscheduled maintenance and enables real-time notification, troubleshooting planning, parts ordering and delivery.

“Our objective is to finalize this program in the first half of 2010 and to start deploying the maintenance computers to factory-owned and -authorized service centers in early 2011,” said Cyril MacGarry, director of customer service technical support for Dassault Falcon. “After that each new aircraft will be delivered with
an e-maintenance computer as standard equipment. Ultimately, we will be able
to access the digital mock-up of each aircraft to help prepare structural repairs and provide an electronic sign-off.”