Premier Aircraft 50Dash4 Falcon Gets EASA OK

 - November 25, 2009, 3:58 AM

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certified Premier Aircraft’s 50Dash4 upgrade of the Falcon 50. Premier Aircraft received FAA certification of the
50Dash4 performance upgrade in 2007, and the EASA certification means that owners of Falcon 50s registered outside the U.S. can now have the modification done.

The 50Dash4 performance upgrade includes Honeywell’s conversion of the Falcon 50’s three TFE731-3 engines to the TFE731-4-1C configuration as well as “a newly designed engine nozzle, minor nacelle modifications and re-marked cockpit instruments.” The “Dash 4” engines are more robust and fuel efficient and help the Falcon 50 meet FAA Stage 4 and EASA/ICAO Chapter 4 noise regulations, according to Premier Aircraft, which is based in East Alton, Ill., and jointly owned by Yankee Pacific Aerospace and West Star Aviation.

Performance improvements to the Falcon 50 include greater takeoff weights in hot-and-high conditions delivering up to 620 nm more range, up to 35 knots higher cruise speed, shorter time-to-climb to 37,000 feet (at ISA +10 degrees C), greater payload, lower noise and carbon emissions, lower Honeywell maintenance service plan costs and longer inspection intervals.

Premier Aircraft also added two new distributors for the 50Dash4 mod program, Duncan Aviation and Jet Aviation. Premier Aircraft cofounder West Star Aviation and
Jet Aviation sister company Midcoast Aviation are also 50Dash4 distributors. Midcoast, Duncan and West Star will focus on selling the 50Dash4 mod to Falcon 50 operators in the Americas, while Jet Aviation’s customer base is located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. None of the distributors has an exclusive sales territory, so customers can choose any of the approved installation centers.

West Star is selling two company-owned Falcon 50s that have already been converted to the 50Dash4 configuration (S/Ns 088 and 170).