NetJets Middle East adds Falcon to fleet, launches jet card

 - December 23, 2009, 6:32 AM

NetJets Middle East is reinvigorating its marketing efforts with the introduction of the new Dassault Falcon 2000LX and the launch of a 25-hour jet card. The fractional ownership provider wants to expand its program in the region, having introduced just 17 aircraft to the Middle East fleet since it launched the operation in 1999.

In late November parent company NetJets Inc. renewed its joint venture agreement with Saudi Arabia’s National Air Services (NAS) for a further three years. To comply with Saudi law, Jeddah-based NAS owns and operates the NetJets Europe fleet. NetJets guarantees that its standards are met in terms of crew experience, service levels and the condition of aircraft.

The first Falcon 2000LX has joined a fleet that already consists of several Falcon 2000s and a mix of Hawker 750s and 800XPs, as well as some Gulfstream IV-SPs and G450s. The company also has three other business jets under management contracts and it operates these under its Aircraft Management Services division. These aircraft are available to NetJets clients and outside charter customers. All customers benefit from NetJets’ standard terms for aircraft availability and  interchange rights among different aircraft and flights in other regions of the world.

In addition to standard fractional ownership terms, NetJets Middle East also offers leases varying in length from one to five years, and block charter terms through the jet card. Customers can take a lease-to-own option that allows them to purchase their aircraft share at the end of a lease.

According to Graeme Deary, newly appointed business development manager of NetJets Middle East, the lease terms are proving popular because they allow clients to try the service without having to commit as much money up front. The absence of taxes in many Middle Eastern countries means that there are not the same fiscal incentives to own aircraft in the region.

Deary told AIN that NetJets Middle East has seen a low turnover of clients and that demand for business aircraft flights is still buoyant compared with Europe and North America. He indicated that clients find a sanctuary of service and safety certainty with NetJets Middle East in a region where essentially unregulated gray market charter is all too prevalent.   

NetJets Opens London Lounge

NetJets Europe has opened a new lounge at London City Airport for the exclusive use of its passengers. The lounge is located in the downtown airport’s Jet Centre building and has been conceived and fitted out by India Mahdavi, who designed the interiors for the company’s new Hawker 750s and 4000s.

Separately, the fractional provider has redesigned its Web site, The new site includes an interactive feature that allows visitors to explore the trips that are possible with its fleet.