Air Platinum Club Is Latest Casualty

 - December 28, 2009, 10:26 AM

Miami-based Air Platinum Club–which until recently was touting membership options in its Gulfstream IV-SPs, exotic cars, a beachfront condo and a yacht–appears to have folded last month. Its Web site is no longer accessible without a password and a recording at its listed phone number reports that the line has been disconnected. An attorney for Prestige Motorcar Imports of Miami confirmed to AIN that the company is suing Air Platinum Club for nonpayment. The club has already been successfully sued by Swiss charter company Travcon. Chicago-based Questar Jets owner Dennis Jans, meanwhile, said the club owes him $96,750. And court records show that Air Platinum Club was evicted as a tenant from North Miami Business Park last January. AIN could not reach Air Platinum Club officials for comment