Iacobucci Offers a Solution To Waste

 - December 28, 2009, 7:59 AM

Iacobucci HF Electronics has introduced its first WastePak trash compactor, a device developed specifically to resolve the problem of waste disposal during long business jet flights. WastePak comes in two sizes–15 by 18 by 25 inches and 12 by 18 by 25 inches. Its two tons of compacting force draw little power, according to the company.

The WastePak bin is made of aluminum, uses waterproof foldable carton boxes and is priced at just short of $38,000. The addition of a retro-illuminated control panel allows operation of WastePak in complete darkness.

According to the Ferrentino, Italy-based company, the WastePak “can easily compact paper, plastic, dishes, cutlery, aluminum cans, glass and even champagne bottles in
a single box.” Iacobucci is currently taking orders for the WastePak, with deliveries to begin in the first quarter.