EVO Jet expands across the far east

 - December 29, 2009, 8:53 AM

Evo Jet Services is expanding its operations eastward with new ground handling and flight support operations in India, Nepal and China, as well as across the Caucasus region and central Asia. The company also has secured a full handling license for Germany’s Berlin Schoenefeld International Airport and will start operations there on January 11. The expansion means that Evo Jet can provide handling services for corporate operators in locations such as Tbilisi, Georgia; Yerevan, Armenia; Baku, Azerbaijan; and Almaty, Kazakhstan. The new company, which is currently recording traffic growth of around 30 percent month-on-month, can provide support in about 30 locations throughout India and 36 in China. Evo Jet is also starting to extend its reach into Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam.