High-end BBJ offered by Jet Aviation, Andrew Winch

 - December 29, 2009, 8:54 AM

Thus far, the bizliner completions sector has remained comparatively solid despite the effects of the recession on the rest of the industry. That relative immunity was most recently underscored by the partnership of London-based Andrew Winch Designs and Jet Aviation of Basel, Switzerland, which delivered a highly customized Boeing Business Jet for a private client.

Required was a high level of functionality, said Jet Aviation interior design manager Elizabeth Harvey. The cabin is divided into eight separate zones, including a master suite with wood flooring and private lavatory and shower, a children’s play room/ yoga area/study, dining/lounge, staff quarters, entry and crew area and guest lavatory. Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is used throughout the cabin and programmable LED mood lighting allows the client to select lighting to create a particular ambiance.

One of the most aesthetically impressive aspects of the cabin is the extensive use of bog oak veneer. Bog oak is from trees that were buried in peat bogs for as long as 5,000 years. Preserved from decay by acidic and anaerobic conditions, bog oak is considered one of the more beautiful veneers. But it is rare and difficult to cure and work, and may cost as much as $45 a square foot. The use of bog oak throughout an airplane as large as a BBJ may cost well over $100,000.

“In planning the galley, we spent a lot of time with the crew,” said Harvey.

It is equipped with two refrigerators, two ovens (steam and convection), a microwave, a coffee machine, a trash compactor and pantry storage across from the work area.

There is also a highly individualized cabin entertainment system from Custom Control Concepts, with on-demand, high-definition audio/video and HD monitors ranging from 24 to 42 inches. As many as 300 DVDs can be uploaded and watched independently on eight flat-screen video monitors. The system also includes Airshow 4000 from Rockwell Collins, iPod docking stations and Wi-Fi individual control tablets.

High-speed Internet is provided by EMS Satcom’s HSP400 dual Swift64 connectivity. “It is both the best available now, and designed to be easily upgraded as new technology appears,” said Harvey.

Jet Aviation started design work with Andrew Winch in 2007. The team at Andrew Winch produced the bespoke interior specified by the client, after which Jet Aviation’s design group began the work, in collaboration with Andrew Winch, to create a detailed design package. “We wanted to be sure that what was sent to engineering was viable and certifiable,” she added.

The big twinjet rolled into the Jet Aviation completion and refurbishment facilities at the end of 2007 and was delivered this past summer. It was the first aircraft outfitting at Jet Aviation’s new widebody hangar, inaugurated in May 2008.
According to Andrew Winch, the working relationship with Jet Aviation is “the foundation for future joint completions projects.”

“We do a lot of one-off interiors at Jet Aviation, as does Andrew Winch,” said Harvey. “This was an exciting project to work on.”