Luxury yacht-tender EC 155 concept unveiled

 - December 29, 2009, 8:58 AM

Helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter, designer Andrew Winch and luxury yacht specialist Edmiston introduced a stylish new completion scheme for the EC 155 at the Monaco Yacht Show last fall.

The helicopter features raised, polished stainless-steel stripes on both sides of
the exterior. The aircraft’s belly and top fuselage are painted as faux teak “as a
reference to yacht aesthetics.”

The windows are tinted green, with the helicopter’s name etched into the rear ones.

The four-passenger cabin is outfitted in teak with leather seats. Available in the central console is an iPod dock with a touchscreen control display. The bulkhead separating the cabin from the cockpit is transparent and includes an LCD screen that appears transparent when it is turned off.