Phenom 300 certified in U.S. and Brazil

 - December 29, 2009, 10:06 AM

Embraer last month received type certification for its Phenom 300 from both Brazil’s civil aviation authority, Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC), and the FAA. It also received production certification for the type from ANAC. The type approval is for VFR and IFR operations, as well as flight into known icing conditions, according to the São José dos Campos, Brazil-based aircraft manufacturer.

“When we launched the Phenom 300 program [in May 2005], we wanted to bring an unparalleled product into the light jet category,” said Embraer executive v-p of executive jets Luís Carlos Affonso. “The Phenom 300 has not only met all original specification targets, but has also surpassed many performance goals.”

In fact, the Phenom 300’s NBAA IFR range was originally expected to be 1,800 nm, but in final form was extended to 1,971 nm with six occupants. Runway  performance also beat the initial targets: takeoff field length at mtow is now 3,138 feet versus 3,700 feet, while landing distance at maximum landing weight was shortened by 329 feet to 2,621 feet.

First deliveries of the type were pending at press time, though Embraer told AIN that at least two of the light jets would be delivered by the end of last month.