Mustang operator starts up at Le Bourget

 - January 27, 2010, 9:55 AM

Wijet (pronounce Weejet), a start-up company based at Paris Le Bourget Airport, has begun operations under its own air operator’s certificate (AOC) with a Cessna Citation Mustang and is planning to increase the fleet to four by the end of this year. The first commercial flight took place in mid-November, after French civil aviation authorities issued the AOC.

As of January 13, the company had logged some 160 flight hours, with an average load of two passengers.

According to cofounder and CEO Corentin Denoeud, the company is managing the first aircraft for a private owner. One of the remaining three aircraft was scheduled to join the fleet this month, with another to follow in March or April and the last to be delivered “late in 2010.”

Wijet is advertising rates of €2,200 ($3,080) per flight hour with no “wait fee” for a day trip. Overnight stays are priced at €900 ($1,260). Positioning flights add €1,100 ($1,540) per flight hour.

The company currently has seven employees, including four pilots.