In The Works: Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter

 - January 27, 2010, 11:11 AM

Viking Air expected Transport Canada and EASA certification for its new version of the venerable de Havilland Canada Twin Otter by the end of last month. Final certification work was under way last October, including final checkout configurations for functionality as a standard landplane and with tundra tires, skis, floats and amphibious floats. Viking also planned to let pilots experienced in legacy Twin Otters fly the new version “to validate Viking’s training programs prior to customer deliveries taking place,” according to the company. Noise testing on landplane gear and amphibious floats has been completed and hot-temperature testing was under way during the final months of last year. Viking Air plans to build 12 Series 400 Twin Otters this year. The company also announced that Moscow-based Vityaz Avia ordered two Series 400s in commuter configuration, a purchase that will make it the first Twin Otter operator in Russia. Libya’s Petro Air has ordered one Series 400 to supplement its fleet of nine legacy Twin Otters.