Hot section: Snap-on offers multimeter certification program

 - January 28, 2010, 4:57 AM

Snap-on Industrial is offering a multimeter certification program designed
to meet the electrical monitoring requirements of technicians. The program focuses exclusively on the multimeter, the standard device used to determine
the level of electrical current, usually AC and DC voltage, amps and resistance (ohms), present in a given application. Typical industries where multimeters
are used include aerospace, automotive, energy and engineered products.

“The multimeter is a standard device used by every electrician every day but many other professions require people to monitor electrical current. They need to know exactly how to read and use a multimeter to its full capability,” said Frederick Brookhouse, business development manager for Snap-on Industrial.

“This is not an intuitive device. You need to know where best to apply the multimeter and what the readings really mean,” he said.

The certification is designed to give employers a widely recognized qualification that shows a graduate has both a base knowledge of electricity characteristics and demonstrated expertise in using a multimeter.

The Snap-on Industrial program is turnkey, meaning the company will train and certify instructors as part of the certification process. The four-hour certification program includes both advanced lab exercises and hands-on practice in a supervised environment and is designed to supplement existing curricula used in technical schools.