Hot section: Twin Commander Aircraft relocates to East Coast

 - January 28, 2010, 4:48 AM

Twin Commander Aircraft has completed its relocation from Arlington, Wash., to Creedmoor, N.C. The company has been fulfilling parts orders from Creedmoor since last November.

“The FAA’s granting of the production certificate was the last piece of the puzzle for our move to North Carolina,” company president Matt Isley told AIN. “Our people worked really hard to make this happen, and the support from the Atlanta FAA MIDO office was outstanding.”

The company completed the move to North Carolina in December and is now operating at 100 percent. “Due to the coordination and support we received from our factory-authorized service center network, we were able to complete the move without any impact on Twin Commander owners and operators,” he said.

Two factors inspired the move: first, the company was acquired by Firstmark, which has a 70,000-sq-ft operations center in Creedmoor. “Consolidating operations just made sense,” Isley said. Second, “North Carolina is becoming the eastern hub for aerospace manufacturing and we wanted to capitalize on it.

“We will continue to provide the Twin Commander fleet with the highest quality, most cost-effective parts availability program of any airframe in its class,” he said. “Along with our service center partners, Commander owners and operators can rely on the same parts and service excellence that has kept the fleet looking and performing like new.”