Factual Report: Landing Gear Collapses on Citation

 - January 29, 2010, 6:26 AM

Cessna 560XL, White Plains, N.Y., April 15, 2008–The Citation Excel was landing at Westchester County Airport when the left landing gear collapsed, followed immediately by the nose and right gears. The twinjet skidded for approximately 960 feet and incurred substantial damage to the lower fuselage before coming to a stop on the runway near Taxiway C. With egress through the main cabin door obstructed, the flight crew and two passengers escaped unharmed through the right overwing emergency exit.

According to the pilots, they applied the speed brakes and thrust reversers after a normal touchdown, when they heard the landing gear warning horn. A cockpit inspection found the landing gear handle in the down position. A review of the aircraft’s data acquisition system showed the landing gear was down and locked from five minutes before landing to approximately three seconds after touchdown.
Examination of the aircraft revealed a compromise of the landing gear extend hydraulic line consistent with an overpressure burst. However, subsequent testing of the Citation’s hydraulic and electrical systems revealed no malfunctions that would have caused an uncommanded landing-gear retraction.