Private Jet Luxury on Four Wheels

 - January 29, 2010, 5:48 AM

London-based Design Q has taken its work creating private jet cabins to a new level. Ground level, that is. The latest is a stretched Range Rover that the company says “will allow VIPs to travel in exactly the same comfort on the ground as in the air.”

The Q-VR has a raised roof for additional “cabin” space and a rear passenger door in two sections. The top section opens upwards and the lower section folds down to create boarding steps similar to those on a small jet.

The passenger seats will recline to near horizontal. The electronics suite includes an entertainment system complete with Blu-ray player, a large high-definition monitor and a satellite phone. Amenities include cabin environment controls, a mini-spa and refreshment center, drinks chiller, warm towels and a cigar humidor.

Design Q has the Q-VR priced in the $800,000 range, a bit of a stretch, as it were, over the baseline price of $95,000 for the standard Range Rover. Ceramic armor plating is extra, as are bulletproof windows. According to Design Q director Gary Doy, there is considerable interest in the Middle East and China.

Design Q is marketing the car, and will purchase the original from Range Rover and manage the stretch conversion process. The design firm is well known in the automotive market and in recent years has moved into the field of private jet interiors.

The ceiling of the Q-VR calls for a panoramic roof using “smart window” technology that allows the passenger to change it from clear to opaque. And there is even the option of a real-time display on the video monitor that will identify the stars in the night sky. “It’s the ultimate in comfort and would be a genuine challenge to Rolls-Royce and Maybach as the luxury car of choice,” said Doy.