Bombardier deliveries and orders down

 - February 17, 2010, 6:40 AM

Blaming “the global economic crisis that began in 2008,” Bombardier Aerospace released numbers for its fiscal year 2009/10 (ending January 31) showing a substantial drop in deliveries and negative net orders for business jets.
In FY2009/10, Bombardier delivered 176 business jets, compared with 235 in the previous fiscal year, in line with a projected 25-percent decrease. The company expects deliveries for FY 2010/11 will be down 15 percent from the previous fiscal year. There were 85 negative net orders in FY2009/10, compared with positive 251 in 2008/09.

In FY2009/10 Bombardier delivered 44 Learjets, 26 fewer than in FY2008/09; 82 Challengers, 33 fewer than in the previous fiscal year; and 50 Globals, the same as in FY2008/09.

“While indicators of market stabilization have started to emerge, we remain cautious as economic uncertainty still prevails,” said president and COO Guy Hachey. He noted, however, that Bombardier has taken “significant steps” to strengthen operations and continues to invest significantly in future programs.