Aircell ATG-5000 Debuts in Gulfstream G200

 - February 22, 2010, 7:27 AM

Aircell announced the first installation of its ATG 5000 high-speed Internet system aboard a California-based Gulfstream G200 operated by charter provider FlightWorks. Gulfstream’s Dallas service center performed the hardware installation, which added a stand-alone ATG 5000 unit and two antennas on the aircraft belly. The ATG 5000 is designed to provide high-speed Internet service for buyers who don’t need the integrated Iridium voice and narrowband data features of Aircell’s Axxess product. The ATG 5000-based high-speed Internet package includes the basic LRU weighing 11 pounds, the blade antennas at 1.25 pounds each and an optional cabin telecommunications router that adds four pounds to the total. Wired or Wi-Fi in-cabin connection options are available. Ron Smith, head of sales for FlightWorks in Atlanta, said the G200’s owner is “thrilled with the system’s performance” and is in the process of installing the Aircell system on his other aircraft. Aircell’s high-speed Internet service costs around $2,000 a month. It provides an average connection speed of approximately 2.2 megabits per second over the continental U.S. through a network of 92 ground towers.