Eurocopter Finds an Answer for a Quiet Cabin

 - March 31, 2010, 6:17 AM

Eurocopter’s research and development teams are working on several programs
to enhance cabin comfort by creating a smoother–and quieter–ride.

Among the solutions on the horizon is a five-blade main rotor for the EC155
and EC225, and a piezo-active rotor designated Blue Pulse.

The European manufacturer has also developed an advanced anti-vibration system with torsion spring known as the grand-comfort pylon isolator. The goal was to develop a new suspension system offering better performance levels in Eurocopter’s light helicopters at lower costs.

Eurocopter is also developing an enhanced air-conditioning system based on what is generally standard in the automotive industry. It will feature automatic temperature regulation, multi-zone air flow, user-friendly interfaces, rapid de-misting and air filtering.