Evergreen Helicopters Selects Avtrak for Maintenance Tracking

 - March 31, 2010, 6:21 AM

Avtrak and Evergreen Helicopters have signed a multi-year agreement under which Avtrak will provide the helicopter operator with its suite of maintenance tracking, work-order management and inventory-control services. Evergreen will be replacing its internally developed system with Avtrak’s services to support its fleet
of more than 70 helicopters.

“While our in-house-developed technology has served us well for many years, it was evident that we needed new technology and systems to efficiently keep up with
the growth and demands of our global operations,” said Evergreen Helicopters president David Rath. “After careful review of all the available options, both
in-house and in the market, the Avtrak system and service is clearly the best fit for our diverse fleet and operations.”