NCATT Transitions to Independent Nonprofit

 - March 31, 2010, 5:55 AM

The National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT) is now an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the aerospace industry. The association reached the end of its 10-year partnership with the National Science Foundation last month.

“Over the past 10 years, the aerospace industry has been steadily working together to ensure that the pieces and infrastructure would be in place for NCATT to evolve and successfully address its mission of service. Through the tremendous support of the industry, educational institutions and the National Science Foundation, that goal has been recognized and achieved,” said Lee Brewster, NCATT coordinator
of special projects.

According to Brewster, over the years organizations have asked how they could be of assistance and work with NCATT. The methods of working together included participating as subject-matter experts in the workshops, review/validation teams and as contributors to the certification processes.

“Now, with our new status, NCATT is also making available opportunities
for corporate and workshop sponsorships designed to assist NCATT in the continued development of standards and certifications specifically in the identified areas of aircraft electronics/avionics,” she said.

To date, NCATT has developed and adopted nine sets of standards in avionics, awarded more than 1,000 certifications and endorsements, accredited 17 avionics training programs, and instituted a system to certify technicians internationally.
The organization continues to work on the identified areas in avionics as well as addressing new technologies as they are implemented. Future areas to have standards defined in avionics are advanced digital, air traffic surveillance and warning systems, bench, datalink communication systems, enhanced vision, power generation/distribution, and weather and terrain awareness. “None of these standards can be established without the direct support and guidance from the industry,” she said.