Online car club offers local transport option

 - March 31, 2010, 6:50 AM

Stuck at an airport without a car? Airport Cars Club can help. The online reservation service allows a network of pilots who keep low-value cars at their airports to use each other’s airport cars without charge. The only costs are the $50 annual membership fee to Airport Cars Club and the requirement to own an airport car (maximum value $5,000). FBOs that participate in Airport Cars Club get a free Web page to promote their facility, in exchange for keeping and distributing car keys for participating members. At airports without participating FBOs, lockboxes are provided for car keys. Car owners have to reserve their own cars for the system to work properly. Participants must fill the car with gas if the tank is below three quarters full. Insurance is generally covered by standard driver insurance policies, according to Airport Cars Club, which could help FBOs that are concerned about
crew car liability issues.