Passur AirportMonitor supports Fort Lauderdale

 - March 31, 2010, 7:14 AM

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is now using Passur’s AirportMonitor system to supplement its longstanding use of Passur’s data feeds and software for the airport’s noise-monitoring system. AirportMonitor helps the airport work closely with neighbors, who can view aircraft traffic in “near-live” time and replay modes to see how traffic affects the airspace over their homes. The system includes, according to Passur, “online tools designed to promote airspace education, answer questions about specific flight behavior and promote openness and trust between residents and the airport.” New AirportMonitor features include instant messaging that allows the airport to communicate airspace conditions to affected residents, and My Home Locator, which allows residents to see their home on the AirportMonitor background map, “allowing for a more effective assessment of airspace and flight activity in relation
to the user’s residence.”