In the works: Cessna Aircraft – Citation CJ4

 - April 30, 2010, 10:58 AM

The largest airplane in Cessna’s CitationJet line, the CJ4, received FAA certification on March 12. Cessna delivered the first copy on April 15. The $9 million (2010 $) CJ4 has an mtow of 10,400 pounds. That should grow to 10,600 pounds after S/N 360 and 10,700 pounds after S/N 600, according to the CJ4’s FAA type certificate data sheet. Fuel capacity is 3,220 pounds in two wing tanks. One feature that sets the CJ4 apart from its siblings is single-point refueling, but the major change is a new wing with three upper speed brake panels on each side and a moderate taper.

The CJ4’s fuselage is two feet longer than the CJ3’s and the Williams International FJ44-4A Fadec-controlled engines are more powerful, providing 3,400 pounds of thrust each, up from the CJ3’s 2,780 pounds. The CJ4’s maximum payload is 2,100 pounds, 300 pounds higher than that of the CJ3.

Flight testing results include direct climb to 45,000 feet in 28 minutes, speed 453 knots and range 2,002 nm with two crew and five passengers. Avionics include a four-screen Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite and Venue cabin management system. The CJ4 also features an automatic emergency descent mode.