Argus International launches Prism Solutions Division

 - May 10, 2010, 9:41 AM

Argus International has hired William Yantiss to lead a new division called Prism Solutions (professional resources in system management). Yantiss previously was vice president of safety, quality, security and environment for United Airlines. The new Prism Solutions division is designed to help clients with safety management systems, safety and security training, system design and implementation, manuals and consulting. “I want the aviation operating community to look at Prism as a solution to many of today’s challenges in the areas of safety, security and environmental management that respects their experience, their busy schedules and their checkbook,” said Argus CEO Joe Moeggenberg. “Regulatory compliance may be a driver 

of activity in this arena, but my hope is that Prism not only eases the burden of compliance, but increases the number of supporters who find satisfaction and concrete proof of the benefits found in proper system implementation.”