Factual Report: Citation strikes tractor in runway incursion

 - May 10, 2010, 10:07 AM

Cessna Citation 550, Reading, Pa., Aug. 3, 2008– While landing at Reading Regional Airport/Carl A. Spatz Field, following a Part 91 positioning flight from Pottstown, Pa., the Citation II/SP was substantially damaged when it struck a mowing tractor during roll-out. According to the tower controller on duty at the time, the Citation crew contacted him at eight miles out and was issued clearance to land on Runway 31. The controller, who was also working ground control, then turned his attention to directing a Rockwell Commander that had just landed to the ramp. The controller was watching the taxiing Commander when the tractor driver requested and received permission to cross Runway 31 at Taxiway D (approximately 2,600 feet from the runway threshold). 

The Citation captain told investigators that he saw the tractor moving from the left and attempted to steer the airplane to the right of the runway but could not avoid the collision. The twinjet struck the tractor’s raised mowing unit at about 80 knots and sheared off approximately 10 feet of its left wing. The two-person flight crew and the tractor operator were uninjured.