Preliminary Report: Gulfstream Hits Fuel Truck After Missing Taxiway

 - May 27, 2010, 5:53 AM

Gulfstream II, Seattle, Wa., April 8, 2010–The twinjet sustained structural damage to its left wing when it collided with a fuel truck while taxiing to the runway for a
Part 91 flight at Boeing Field/King County International Airport. VMC prevailed at
the time of the accident. The pilot had been instructed to use taxiway Alpha 1 but overshot the entrance. He was then cleared to perform a 180-degree turn at his discretion. The pilot reported seeing the moving fuel truck just before the jet’s left tip tank penetrated the truck’s cab. The driver was able to duck and found himself pinned to the seat. He was treated for minor injuries. The three-member crew and three passengers on the GII were uninjured.