ALLFBO develops web booking service

 - July 7, 2010, 7:32 AM

Chase Larabee has launched a new Web-based service called to eliminate the problem of pilots showing up at an FBO only to find that the customer service representatives have no record of prearranged fuel, crew and rental cars, catering and hangar storage services. Larabee has worked in the FBO business and says he has seen too many instances in which pilots arrive–unexpected–at an FBO after having called ahead to make sure the FBO was ready for the arrival. “I saw the hassles that pilots were going through,” he said. Often rental cars would not have been booked and the FBO reps would have no record of what the pilot had already requested. “It’s a huge market,” he said. “There are tons of FBOs and thousands of flights daily.”

AllFBO is free for pilots and dispatchers; FBOs pay for trips by buying various packages, starting at $5 a trip for the pay-as- you-go plan to a special grand-opening price of $349 for unlimited trips. To try out the service, FBOs can sign up for a 25-trip free trial.

Pilots can use AllFBO to specify the services that they need from participating FBOs. AllFBO then sends a confirmation code and local information to the pilot. The FBO can then communicate with the pilot to negotiate a fuel price or offer additional services.