Factual Reports - TBM Crashes After Loss of Control on Landing

 - July 8, 2010, 9:17 AM

The single-engine turboprop was destroyed but its ATP-certified pilot was unharmed when it departed the runway after touchdown at Montgomery County Airpark. The pilot told investigators that after he crossed the runway threshold at 81 knots and touched down normally, the TBM began to drift to the left. He attempted unsuccessfully to correct the drift by applying right rudder, and then began a
go-around. Fearing torque roll, he did not apply full power. The TBM climbed to about 10 feet above the runway in a 20-degree left bank, and the pilot applied full right aileron, which failed to raise the left wing. The pilot eased off the power and braced for impact.

According to investigators, the airplane traveled approximately 100 feet off the left side of the runway, nosed down in mud and crashed into tre