DOT IG: NextGen Could Face Delays

 - August 1, 2010, 7:55 AM

A DOT Inspector General report warns that the FAA is facing several challenges that could delay its transition plan to NextGen. Most critically, the watchdog agency said, the FAA has not set realistic NextGen expectations and firm requirements for what can be achieved in the midterm and for assessing the associated risks. In addition, the agency faces hurdles in getting partner agencies to adjust their plans and budgets to accommodate NextGen efforts. The DOT IG said the FAA to date has failed to leverage these agencies’ research and development activities in a way that could enhance NextGen development and reduce costs. “Although the FAA considers NextGen to be one of the most complex systems ever developed by the U.S. government, [it] has not yet acquired the necessary [skills] and expertise to successfully implement NextGen,” the report said.