Mechanic Fatigue prompts FAA education effort

 - August 2, 2010, 7:24 AM

The FAA has become sufficiently concerned about maintenance technician fatigue to take proactive measures to educate the maintenance community. The agency’s maintenance fatigue Web site ( provides information on fatigue issues and tools to help technicians and management address fatigue risk. The Web site offers a number of tools, including fatigue awareness posters, Mx Fatigue Focus newsletter and several training programs currently under development. 

The latest issue of the Mx Fatigue Focus newsletter includes a detailed description by Flight Options maintenance and ground safety manager Kent Stauffer on how his company deals with fatigue management. The Flight Options plan includes regular human factors training for maintenance employees with specific advice on proper sleep techniques. Flight Options also revised its road crew duty policy, so technicians must receive 24 hours off after seven consecutive work days and a fatigue assessment after 18 hours on the job. If a maintenance incident occurs, Flight Options requires completion of a post-incident supplemental fatigue form, as well as analysis of trends and identifiers.