Premier Crashes at AirVenture

 - August 27, 2010, 9:30 AM

AirVenture 2010 was blessed with few accidents. The replica Sikorsky S-38 amphibian Osa’s Ark suffered a collapsed landing gear on Runway 18/36, but that was quickly fixed and the flying boat was able to taxi on its own legs. On July 27 a Hawker Beechcraft Premier IA piloted by Jack Roush crashed while landing on Runway 18. A witness told AIN that the Premier “approached tight to the runway” and overshot, then was “doing sharp turns” and was flying slowly at a low altitude above Runway 18. The witness said there was a Piper landing in front of the Premier. The Premier was observed (by this reporter) about 200 feet above the runway banking from side to side just before it disappeared behind buildings and parked airplanes. The witness said that the Premier’s right wingtip hit the ground first, spinning the airplane rapidly around as it came to rest. After the Premier stopped, the engines were still running at a high power setting. Roush was seen to exit the crumpled jet with blood pouring down his face. The passenger on board appeared to be uninjured, but they were both taken to the hospital, where Roush was reported in serious but stable condition before being transported to the Mayo Clinic.

After the accident, the Premier’s fuselage could be seen split open just forward of the engine pylons where the composite fuselage barrel attaches to the aft section. The cockpit and cabin appeared intact. The wreckage was moved to a maintenance hangar at the airport and the runway reopened on Wednesday morning. “A number of people have come forward with photos and video,” said an EAA spokesman. The NTSB is investigating.