BaySys Plans Completion Facility in Morocco

 - September 22, 2010, 7:50 AM

Independent completion and refurbishment center BaySys has signed an agreement with Royal Air Maroc and "a strategic regional investor" to support development of an executive cabin maintenance facility in Casablanca, Morocco.

The agreement, said BaySys founder and CEO Steve Walton, "will provide a much needed capability to the Gulf and Middle East Region, as well as serve the needs of the European client base." The new facility will also provide executive completion and refurbishment work, interior and flight deck upgrades, as well as aircraft maintenance.

Closer to home, BaySys is looking for room to expand on Virginia's Eastern Shore. "We're working to move into a facility to allow airplanes to be fully enclosed but, more important, to house the airplanes that are twice the size of what we currently have in the hangar," said a spokesman.

Ideally, BaySys would move into a bigger space with a longer taxiway next to its current location at the NASA facility in Wallops. The current BaySys facilities consist of 360,000 sq ft, including two hangars, offices and back shops. The new project will begin in the spring of 2011 with groundbreaking on a 180,000-sq-ft hangar. A second, 130,000-sq-ft hangar will be built in the fall of 2012.