Max-Viz, One Sky offer EVS discounts

 - September 29, 2010, 11:21 AM

Max-Viz, the Portland, Ore.-area infrared enhanced-vision system (EVS) manufacturer, and One Sky Aviation of Anchorage, Alaska, have teamed to offer a minimum 25-percent discount off the suggested retail price for Max-Viz EVS sensors (100/600/1500) and certified STC installation kits to Alaska Air Carriers Association and Alaska Airmen’s Association members for the remainder of this year in response to a recent spike in accidents. 

Bob Yerex, Max-Viz v-p of sales, said recently, “One Sky and Max-Viz are putting safety ahead of profits to enhance the tremendous efforts of both the AACA and the Airmen’s Association. The loss of Sen. Ted Stevens, one of the most [beloved] statesmen and true patriarchs of Alaska history, in a tragic aviation accident has spurred us into this cooperative concession. Max-Viz enhanced-vision systems display actual images of terrain and other potential obstacles unseen by the naked eye during poor visibility conditions such as light fog, haze, smoke, brownout and whiteout, light precipitation and darkness.

“Max-Viz has a significant investment in Alaska,” Yerex continued, “having teamed with One Sky Aviation to develop and certify our EVS product line on both general aviation and business aircraft and helicopters. After nearly 10 years flying SAR here in Alaska, I have a defined personal investment, which is continued through the Alaska Air Carriers Association and a cooperative relationship with the FAA in Anchorage.”

Cary Foster, owner of One Sky Aviation, added, “We have had the opportunity to develop these EVS STCs on platforms as varied as single-engine Cessnas through S-76 helicopters and transport-category multi-engine turbine aircraft. I have known and worked closely with Bob Yerex for more than 25 years and that has clearly been an advantage in that together we and Max-Viz have received certification for nearly 200 separate aircraft, including almost the entire single-engine Cessna product line.”

One Sky has completed international EVS certifications that include Brazilian approval for the S-76, and it is working on an EC135 STC for a customer in Argentina. Foster was named Alaska’s Mechanic of the Year this past spring for his commitment and contribution to the safety of Alaska aviation through his work on these STC certifications.

Max-Viz designs and markets what it calls the smallest, most reliable and affordable airborne EVS. Lou Churchville, the company’s v-p of business development, will be at this month’s NBAA Convention circulating throughout the convention halls and exhibit area to acquaint operators and installers with Max-Viz activities. “We decided not to exhibit in Atlanta this year, largely because so much of our business at the moment is factory-direct work,” he said.