Desert Jet now offers social-medial charter quoting

 - October 12, 2010, 6:30 AM

Palm Springs, Calif.-based Desert Jet is promoting charter quotes via its Facebook page, and the company claims that this is the first air charter quoting program accessible from a social media platform. “This quoting tool provides quick and easy access via Facebook to instant charter quotes for Desert Jet’s entire charter fleet, as well as the ability to request a reservation with a click of the mouse,” the company said. The online quoting tool also integrates with Google Maps, allowing charter clients visually to select the best departure and arrival airports. After the routing is entered into the quoting tool, a full graphical map display of the proposed trip routing is shown, along with details of the trip and estimated costs. “Time is important to our clients,” said Desert Jet president Denise Wilson. “They want to be able to plan their trips and make a reservation on their schedule and want the option to use online technology when feasible.”