Touching BAses: Skyvector mapping added by arinc

 - November 30, 2010, 10:51 AM

Arinc has added new map technology and automated risk factor assessment for meeting safety management system (SMS) requirements to Arinc Direct, its flight-planning service. Using new map technology from SkyVector, Arinc Direct is offering its subscribers the ability to view in selectable detail a planned route and the aeronautical map data behind it. The new aeronautical charts from SkyVector can be dragged and zoomed in and out on a computer or PDA–even out to a high en route world chart. Information on the chart can be viewed in layers, including airspace, airways, approaches and so on. Arinc Direct has also added more flight information on weather, airspace restrictions and current fuel prices.

No additional costs are assessed for the new Arinc Direct flight-planning
program, which is available online to current subscribers.

A risk factor assessment capability in the standard Arinc Direct flight-planning suite now provides business aircraft operators flying internationally with risk factors as part of a required SMS assessment for each flight. The Arinc solution allows operators to pre-select risk factors for their specific aircraft from a comprehensive library. Then, when a flight plan is prepared, these risk factors are automatically inserted and processed against available current weather and airport condition data.

Arinc Direct customers can also define custom risk factors for their
aircraft to support any unique operational or SMS requirements.