Delta Regionals To Get Wi-Fi

 - December 28, 2010, 9:27 AM

Delta Air Lines plans this month to start installing onboard Wi-Fi on 223 regional jets flown by Delta Connection carriers, making Delta the first U.S. carrier to deploy the service across its entire mainline and dual-class regional fleets.

Plans call for installation of the Gogo Inflight Internet service on all Delta Connection jets with first-class cabins by the end of this year. Delta Connection aircraft with first-class cabins include Embraer E175s and Bombardier CRJ700s/CRJ900s. The airplanes hold between nine and 12 seats in first class and between 56 and 64 seats in economy.

Delta has recently added first-class cabins to 66 more CRJ700s; introduced meal service in first class on regional jets; and installed more jet bridges at its hubs for RJs.