Goodyear Offers Tire Care & Maintenance Manual

 - December 28, 2010, 10:32 AM

Knowing your limits is sage advice, and when it comes to aircraft tire wear, it’s all about routine inspection and knowing the facts. Goodyear is offering its Tire Care & Maintenance Manual, which includes facts and maintenance tips.

Larry Rapsard, product support manager, recommends, “Aircraft tires should be removed when the tread is worn to the base of any groove at any spot, or to the minimum depth stated by the aircraft manufacturer. They should be examined for uneven wear. In cases where gear camber wears one side faster than the other, tires can be demounted and turned around to extend the tire life. Uneven aircraft tire wear is usually an indication of gear misalignment or tire under-inflation.”

The publication also lists other aircraft tire wear conditions revealed through inspection that may require tires to be removed from service. “Sidewall damage, including some weather checking, cracks or cuts, means the tire should be scrapped if the damage extends down to the fabric plies. The same goes for tread cuts and groove cracking,” he said. Damage that doesn’t expose the cords normally does not require the tire to be removed. The manual is available free of charge at