Accidents: Preliminary Report - Two Twinjets Experience Runway Overruns

 - December 29, 2010, 8:03 AM

Bombardier Learjet 25B, Portland, Ore., Nov. 17, 2010–The Learjet was substantially damaged when it departed the runway after a wet landing at Portland-Hillsboro Airport. The pilot told the NTSB that he applied the brakes after a normal touchdown, but the airplane did not stop in time. The twinjet shed its nose gear when it came to rest approximately 600 feet past the runway’s departure end in a soft rain-soaked field. The jet suffered punctures to the lower forward fuselage and pressure vessel, a deformed bulkhead and torn skin panels. The pilot and copilot were uninjured.

Gulfstream G200, Jackson, Wyo., Nov. 22, 2010–After landing, the twinjet skidded off the end of the 6,300-foot Runway 19 at Jackson Hole Airport. The Gulfstream came to a stop past a 338-foot-long blast pad at the departure end of the runway. According to the pilot, he was informed 10 minutes before landing that the braking action values were above 40, yet the copilot told investigators he found the runway to be covered in ice as far as he could see after exiting the jet. Neither pilot was injured and the NetJets-operated aircraft was not damaged in the incident.