Alsalam Aircraft chooses Saudi partner for interior business

 - December 29, 2010, 8:38 AM

Alsalam Aircraft delivered a Lockheed L-100 Hercu­les in VIP configuration (photo, above) to an undisclosed customer at last month’s Meba show in Dubai. The aircraft features an interior designed by the Saudi Arabian company.

The L-100 conversion presented unique and difficult challenges, involving 12 supplemental type certificates. Along with the luxury interior, the aircraft gained a new CMC avionics suite with six-screen cockpit and a Thales autopilot. More than 40 flights were required to certify the modifications.

Right after the delivery, Alsalam confirmed that it has entered a new partnership with Saudi-based MAZ Aviation to extend its involvement in the design, modification and manufacturing of executive aircraft interiors. Business aviation services group MAZ specializes in interior designs and technical consultancy, and is responsible for about six large aircraft conversions annually.

Alsalam has provided heavy maintenance, tech­nical support and engineering for both civil and military ­customers for 25 years. It has completed more than 15 executive conversions in that period, and offers significant capabilities in the VIP field. For example, it is one of few companies that produce virtually everything ­in-house, including galleys and bathroom facilities.

Through the new partnership the companies are aiming to expand in the VIP completion business. “This agreement represents a turning point and an important development in the Saudi aviation ­industry,” said Mohammed Nur Fallatah, president and CEO of Alsalam. “For the first time there is cooperation between two Saudi companies with the aim of attracting business to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, showing the maturity reached by the Saudi aviation industry and its ability to compete globally.”