Dassault 2000LX approved for london city

 - December 29, 2010, 5:48 AM

Dassault’s Falcon 2000LX has been granted approval to operate at London City Airport (LCY). Located in the heart of London, the airport is noted for its short runway (4,327 feet for landing and 3,934 feet for takeoff), and aircraft and their crews must demonstrate exacting performance to receive approval to use it.

Landing at the airport requires a much steeper approach than normal (5.5-degree glide path compared with the standard 3.0 degrees). To meet required performance, Dassault equipped the 2000LX with an autobrake feature that reduces landing distances by as much as 300 feet.

The approval applies to European-registered 2000LXs, and Dassault is developing a program to gain FAA steep-approach certification, which will allow U.S.-registered 2000LXs to operate at LCY.

Though it cannot operate at mtow at the airport, the 2000LX will have the range to reach all of Europe and as far as Moscow from LCY. Certified in 2009, the 2000LX is the long-range version (4,000 nm) of the 2000EX EASy and also has 10 to 15 percent better climb performance, enabling it to climb to 41,000 feet in 18 minutes.
Dassault’s Falcon 900DX/EX, 50, 10 and 7X have previously received certification to operate at LCY from both the EASA and FAA. The 7X is the longest-range business jet approved for such operations, capable of reaching New York nonstop from LCY.