Cessna Adds MSUs in U.S. and Europe

 - January 27, 2011, 9:00 AM

Cessna Aircraft has added three new maintenance trucks to its international ground-based mobile service unit (MSU) fleet serving Citations across North America and Europe.

The new maintenance trucks are positioned in Colorado at the Tac Air facility on Centennial Airport near Denver; Montgomery Aviation on Indianapolis Executive Airport to serve Indiana and parts of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky; and the third, the first European MSU, is on A⁄roport de Lyon-Bron to cover southern France, northern Spain, northern Italy and Geneva. The company plans to add five more at undisclosed locations in the U.S., one in Canada and another in Europe.

All are positioned remotely from fixed maintenance facilities and can provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in customer hangars. The trucks carry the same tooling and equipment found in a Cessna Citation service center and can handle procedures up to and including Citation X engine exchanges.