Eco-diesel Jet Fuel Plant Planned in Brazil

 - January 29, 2011, 8:00 AM

Airbus, Brazilian carrier TAM Linhas Aéreas and others interested in the feasibility of biofuels for aviation use are working to establish a “bio-kerosene jet-fuel” processing plant in Brazil, aiming to “gradually substitute fossil fuel with biofuel.” Other companies participating include Brazilian renewable energy Curcas and biofuel producer Brasil Ecodiesel, along with AirBP. The initiative began in 2009 using jatropha grains that were refined through oil extraction and processed into bio-kerosene to make a 50:50 blend with jet-A, and several successful flights were made using this blend. The latest phase will use a more diverse biomass source, including the jatropha genus. The processing plant is expected to start operations in 2013, with initial processing capacity of 80,000 tons annually. The sustainability studies from the project are sponsored by Airbus and will be conducted at Yale University.