NTSB issues recommendations for aircraft restraints

 - January 30, 2011, 5:00 AM

• Require manufacturers to modify restraint systems vulnerable to being used incorrectly in newly built GA airplanes and to modify restraints in existing airplanes.

• Revise the guidance and certification standards for restraint systems to reduce the likelihood of misuse.

• Modify the guidance to GA airbag manufacturers as to how they should demonstrate that an airbag design provides adequate protection for a greater range of body sizes, including very small and very large individuals.

• Require the retrofitting of shoulder harnesses on all general aviation airplanes that are not currently equipped with such restraints.

• Evaluate the feasibility of requiring airbag-equipped aircraft to capture and record crash dynamics data to determine whether the system performed as designed.

• Develop a system to track safety equipment, such as restraint systems, airbags and aircraft parachutes designed to improve crash outcomes.