Funding facilitates Stratos 714 tunnel tests

 - January 31, 2011, 6:15 AM

Stratos Aircraft has received some external funding and in April and May will conduct wind-tunnel tests of a scale model of the four- to five-place single-engine Stratos 714 very light jet. The tests will take five to ten days using aone-eighth-scale model of the jet and are intended to verify computational fluid dynamics studies of the design. “Among other things, the tests will give us valuable data on lift and drag for the wing and fuselage, along with a number of parameters to verify stability and control,” said CEO Alexander Craig. “From the wind-tunnel results, we’ll be able to refine the profile of the Stratos 714, if needed, in anticipation of building the prototype aircraft.”

The all-composite Stratos 714 will be equipped with sidestick flight controls and glass cockpit avionics with integrated autopilot. Performance targets for the 714 include 1,500-nm (NBAA IFR) range, 41,000-foot maximum altitude and a cruise speed of more than 400 knots. Stratos is seeking additional funding and expects to build two flying prototypes within the next two years. The company is accepting fully refundable $10,000 deposits, and these will be held in escrowed interest-bearing accounts.